My running week – all about that base

Bit late this week with the update. Probably because nothing special to report. My home parkrun sub 20 was pretty much mission accomplished for 2014, so it’s head down and back to basics for a while. I next plan to parkrun on 17th Jan, which gives me a nice little mesocycle to get some aerobic base work done.

I’m all about that base – no speedwork.

Instead of the speed I’m planning on doing miles – last week was my first one topping 40. And hills. Mostly in the form of off-road fartlek on my local common. There are two long ones on there and a steep bastard of a one if I reverse it. But the terrain is soggy and you can’t get much pace up. Although I said no speedwork for now, I am wary that staying away from 5k pace might adapt me too much the wrong way. I might end up really good at soggy hill running and hopeless at maintaining speed. So I’m keeping up a weekly 3 mile tempo section on the flat road at about HM pace, which would be 6:58 min/mile. Won’t keep me in 5k shape but will keep me in touch with running quite fast for 3 miles. Which is what life is all about, when you really think about it.

I ordered a new pair of running shoes. They are Saucony Kinvara 4. Light, neutral and quite a low heal to toe offset. I used to love Saucony Jazz in my former running days, so I’m hoping these will be just as nice. Aside from the Merrells my two other pairs of running shoes are pretty basic, one a clumpy pair of cheapo Karrimors and the other some bottom of the range Adidas with getting on for 400 miles on them now. Now I’m into this running thing for the long stretch (I hope) I can justify replacing them gradually with quality.

On a forum I post to they were asking about running goals for 2015. I thought about it and named some numbers for 5k and 10k, then decided that was wrong. Or rather dishonest. What I really want to do is:

  1. Keep running
  2. Not get injured
  3. Keep progressing

That’s all you can hope for, isn’t it? If I’m totally honest I’d have to say #3 entails maintaining my PB streak at Worcester parkrun, which is currently at 8 if you include the first one. I plan to do at least one per month, and if it all worked out I would be on 20 consecutive course PBs by this time next year. Surely this is impossible? But it’s something to go for, right? Remember: this is all a game.

Another thing I want to do 2015 style is keep writing this blog. I have done a LOT of writing in my time and have been fairly successful at it in the past, but I’ve got away from the habit through life and work and plain old writing myself into too many corners. This here blog isn’t the style or form of writing I am used to but at least it’s writing, right? So if you follow this blog and think it is worth anything, please share it with someone else who might be interested.

Happy festivities one and all from the Runner at the Gates of Dawn.


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