My running week – getting ’em in

Feel like I’m really getting into the base period now. I ran nearly 46 miles in the past week and each day I’ve tried to squeeze the most out of what time I have for running. I decided to bin the structured speedwork for now (i.e. intervals) and replace them with hills. My local parkrun features some prolonged (if not especially steep) gradient and I need to learn to conquer it a bit, instead of finally reaching the summit of the last hill and feeling like I should have made that will. True to form, my thoughts were turning to last wills and testaments as I finished the last climb of Saturday’s hill session. But there will be more sessions.

Must admit, those mothers are hard graft on your tod. When you’re clawing the tarmac in the final few yards of a hard climb it’s good to have others clawing around you. If only to make you not want to be last (not every time anyway).

The only other thing to break up the endless conveyor belt of miles is a 3 mile tempo amid a 7 mile sandwich. Aim is to stick to around 90% of my max HR and see what pace I get. I may change this to 2 * 1 mile off a quick jog for a couple of weeks.

I’m working off the premise that events like 5k require a proper base of aerobic conditioning if you want to do them well. I’ve been caning hell out of this distance for a few months now and getting good returns, but without said aerobic base. So I’m trying to get it now.

We’ll see what effect it has had on Jan 17, which is when I’ve pencilled in a parkrun return for. The real pay off should come later in the year but the Runner at the Gates of Dawn will be keen to see if there have been any adaptations – pos or neg.


2 thoughts on “My running week – getting ’em in

  1. carl stainton

    I am positive that there will be a payoff Charlie. Just make it a light, or cutback, week before that date and you should be absolutely raring to go come the 17th.



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