My running week (and a bit) – the long(ish) haul

I’m getting later with these things. It’s because I’m not doing any parkruns or races or anything at the moment so I’ve no war stories to report. But guess what? I signed up for two ACTUAL RACES. The Shakespeare 10k in March and the Worcester half marathon. Half bloody marathon! I haven’t run 13.1 miles in my life! What the hell am I doing?

When I used to run in my 20s I used to see anything above 10k as unnecessarily far. Why prove yourself over 26.2 miles when you can do it over 800m? To be honest I still think the marathon is too far (especially for non-runners who sign up for a marathon in order to get themselves running – what’s that all about?), but I’m starting to see the half as more in scope. I recently did my longest ever run – 12.5 miles. Then I did 11 miles on Sunday at a fair clip – 7:30 min/mile (dictated by changed circumstances and me stubbornly having no intention of reducing the distance) and frankly enjoyed the hell out of it. So I can see the value of endurance now. I guess that perception comes with old age.

But I’m still not doing a marathon!


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