Long time no blog

Soz about that. But hey, the Runner at the Gates of Dawn has been busy doing what he was born to do – run. At the Gates of Dawn!

Which is in Redditch.

Yes, I headed north yesterday and hit the Arrow Valley parkrun again. I thought it was time for a test, and my more local parkrun at Worcester is pretty much cross country at the minute. Which is fine if you want that, but I wanted something else. I wanted to see if I had a PB in these newly-aerobic legs.

So yes, the background is that I been churning out runs at aerobic effort levels pretty much exclusively since my last parkrun. Which in layman’s terms means nothing that will get my legs lactic (apart from one session – 2*2 mile @ 10k pace the other day. I’ll come to that.) In truth nearly all of my runs have been easy to moderate, with very little involving the severe bodily stress you get from running the 5k time you are capable of. So I knew that yesterday would be a shock to the system. But I wanted to know what kind of a system I now had. Would it just be up for running longer but (*gulp*) slower?

Or would it be more able to keep going at pace?

No KM splits because I forgot to switch my garmin to metric, but the first “imperial” went by in 6:18. Which is great, because I’m not feeling *too* bad for it. I’ve just taken that guy in black and latched on to another guy in black, so everything’s hunky dory. Let’s see how hill #1 of 2 hits me. Hmm, feels kind of hilly… but do you know what? I recovered from it the moment it levelled out and I was shoeing on the flat again. There’s a turn-up. Aerobic conditioning, anyone?

Mile #2: 6:20.

Slowing a tad but holding on in there. These things are community efforts, right? It’s not just about you and your time, but also you and the people around you. They are sharing your experience with you. They must be ground into the dirt! I overtake one. Another overtakes me. Gah! Just keep going.

Mile #3: 6:15.

Did I say mile #3? Shit, that means it’s sprint finito time! “Eighteen forty!” yells the bloke as I turn off into the field. The guy in front of me has been there forever, and I decide that he must go. I know I have a kick and I’m showing it now. Deal with it, dude in black! So I go past and make my triumphant run to… what’s this? Someone *else* overtaking me? How bloody rude! Seriously, I thought I was a kicker but this guy does it for… erm, kicks. But all is fair in love and parkruns. You get beat, that’s because he or she was better on the day. We all live to fight another.

Final time: 19:19. A PB* by 28s!

Happy with that. It shows I am well on the way to the world record, which is currently held by Keninisa Bekele at 12:37.35. Another way of looking at it is that I can stop aiming to go sub-20 and can just push the button hard and see where it takes me. I was of course knackered at the end but none of this unseemly doubling over or lying on the dirt that certain others do. (*Stands aloof with nose in air*.) Bit of speedwork and we should be good for a bit faster.

But first, a PROPER 10k race on March 14th. (Hence the 2*2 mile @ 10k pace. (Told you I would come to it.)


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